12 febrero 2006

Excursion a la presa de Las Niñas

Estas fotos las tomamos L y yo el domingo pasado, de camino a la Presa de Las Niñas. Hizo sol, y disfrutamos muchisimo del paseo. Cuesta creer qu tanta agua corra por los barrancos de Gran Canaria. Cuesta creer que Gran Canaria este tan verde!!

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beadlizard dijo...

Beautiful! My daughter is helping me read the Spanish -- this is good practice for us. She agrees that you look like a very, very nice person. --Sylvia (from Jeanie Townsend's group)

Anónimo dijo...

Hi Pilar,
beautyful pics! Lots of Germans spend their holidays in Gran Canaria, now I know why! Unfortunately I can only understand some words of Spanish (speaking French and having learned Latin at school makes some look familiar) but luckily pics are international! I definitely will visit your blog regulary especially as I was one of those who asked you to open one ;-)))
Thank you for sharing!

Anónimo dijo...

Hi, I´d like to introduce you to my blog. Pop up as often as you feel like.

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